TurboZIP Express

Compression and Zip File Utilities


Zipping, Unzipping, and File Spanning in a Flash! TurboZIP Express is fast and you get the job done in a flash. It integrates beautifully with Windows Explorer, you can ZIP, UnZIP, add files, without even opening up TurboZIP Express. You can also compress large files to units of any maximum size of your choice. A comprehensive set of internal viewing is supported for word processing, image, and multimedia files, including MP3, a quick peek is just a click away -- all without ever extracting a single file! You can open a Zip file, select a text or graphic file inside the Zip, view it, edit it, and then tell TurboZIP Express to automatically save it back to update the Zip archive for you - all in one action! There are no separate steps to unzip or zip back into archive.

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