Scopr XBow Server

Compression and Zip File Utilities


Scopr XBow Server is a data decomposition, decryption, decompression, and analysis (DDDA) web server. It is like an x-ray machine for data files. It supports many common container file formats including ACE, AR, ARJ, Bcrypt, BinHex, BZIP, CPIO, GZIP, LZ, CAB, MS-Office, Open Document Format, RAR, RPM, SQZ v1, TAR, Unix compress, UUE, yEnc, ZIP, and ZOO. It can identify over 80 common file types by content inspection and can report detailed format-specific information. Users can access the XBow Server user interface from any web browser. XBow Server can extract files from within container files to virtually any depth even if the data is encrypted. XBow Server integrates with your existing Active Directory user database. Guest users are also supported.

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