MessagEase Fast Text Entry System 4.2

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MessagEase is the fastest and most ergonomic text entry system for the Palm PDA. Its keyboard may look strange to you, but once you're familiar with it, you'll be entering text faster than Graffiti and the QWERTY keyboard. Guranateed! This free tool is not crippled and will never expire!Read our reviews; visit our website; download MessagEase; and judge it for yourself! Also available are MessagEaseST (see its review at!) a powerful keyboard for your Graffiti area, and MessagEaseKB (keyboard) an optional replacement for your Palm QWERTY keyboard (also free!). MessagEase sports an ingenious new keyboard design, making it easy and intuitive to enter not only letters, but also numbers and ALL special characters quickly and accurately. Every character is entered with a tap or adrag. MessagEase also provides you with 200 clipboards! You can store and recall texts of any length to and from these clipboards independently. MessagEase's keyboard has only 11 large keys for entering characters either by a tap or a drag. Since these keys are larger --much larger than QWERTY keys--they are easier and more accurate to target. And since the letter arrangements is frequency based, most of the time you'll be tapping these large keys. MessagEase technology is the result of two diligent man-years of research. This application includes a game to help you learn the letter pattern and to speed up your text entry. It takes about 15 minutes to become familiar with MessagEase's keyboard. Another 15-30 minutes will enable you to enter text 2-3 times faster than Graffiti. MessagEase supports ALL characters found on a regular computer keyboard with a single drag of the stylus. It also supports all 220 ASCII characters.

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