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MessagEase is the fastest technology for entering text on PDAs, cell phones, Tablet PCs, or in fact any small mobile device. It's a cross-platform technology, making convergence of small devices practical. The innovative, patent-protected MessagEase keyboard enables you to enter full text using buttons that are much bigger than a QWERTY keyboard. These bigger and fewer keys are easier to find and faster to target. MessagEase uses an ingenious combination of taps and drags for entering text: Taps for most frequent letters and numbers and drags for less frequent letters and special characters. MessagEase's keyboard comes to you with built-in editing functions. You can use MessagEase in any application requiring text. Like getting used to any innovation, it may take you a few minutes to become familiar with MessagEase's keyboard. But once you do, you will never go back to other ways of entering text on your PDA. This software is complete and it is not crippled in anyway. It is provided to you FREE. If you like this software, visit our website and learn about our other tools for Palms, Pocket PCs and Tablet PCs.

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