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If you are tired of entering text using Graffiti or Palm keyboard, try this innovative software! Graffiti may work for short, unhurried text, but it is inaccurate and slow. Palm's QWERTY keyboard is designed for ten fingers! MessagEaseKB is a great alternative for both, relieving you of carrying an extra, bulky keyboard just for when you need to do some serious text entry. Also look for MessagEaseST (Stamp) which will free your screen area completely. MessagEaseST is currently in advanced beta, available through MessagEase's Yahoo users group: ( For a limited time it is available for FREE. MessagEaseKB optionally replaces your Palm’s QWERTY keyboard, so that you can enter text much faster. It'll take you a few minutes to become familiar with MessagEaseKB’s innovative keyboard. Spend about 15 minutes and you'll enter text faster than you do with Graffiti. If you use it for about 30-45 minutes, you'll enter text 2-3 times faster than Graffiti, much more accurately too. MessagEase's keyboard only has 12 keys, making each key much larger than the keys on a QWERTY keyboard. As a result, tapping on these keys is fast and accurate. In addition, MessagEase's keyboard is designed based on letter frequency data so most of the time (71%) you'll be only tapping. Download it today! Read our reviews! Judge for yourself!

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