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If you're in code-writing business, have you noticed, almost half of our time is spent on formatting and transforming text each day, be it code, design or report? Chances are that, sooner or later, you will need to convert text from one form to another, and you will want to do it without the laborious repetitive formatting tasks associated with manual conversion process. This is when you will need TextMaestro. TextMaestro is a new concept of integrated environment dedicated to master text generation and transformation. It contains three major parts - (1) Work Space, (2) FTP, (3) Text conversion, all seamlessly integrated, purpose of which is to aid developers, IT professionals and technical writers in their everyday work whenever it involves creating or re-using text of any form. + Work Space allows to work on a project as if you are working on MSDev, plus many more handy features that you always wish for in everyday work as a technical person. It works as a complement to any modern editor. + FTP is built-in with Work Space if you need to work on a set of remote files. Nothing out there as good as TextMaestro that allows you to work on files from multiple remote systems simultaneously. + Text conversion allows you to convert text from almost any form to any form. The power of converting text is immense, yet simple. It is ideal for writing script files, converting assembly code to C code, cleaning source code, transforming mark up languages (HTML, SDML, XML, etc.) to name a few. There are three distinct text conversion schemes, namely (1) Token Parameter, (2) Find and Replace and (3) Key Look up. Each scheme can be performed interactively, or in a batch mode. Each scheme can operate using libraries, one of the most powerful concepts in text conversion.

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