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Makes your computer faster in seconds - With Elite Utilities System Cleaner you will be able to remove unwanted junk files from your system to improve your system performance. As you might know that windows create Temporary files and junk files to store temporarily information such as Internet Cache, Cookies, Prefetch files, overtime these files will start to add up and will cause your system to slow down and crash more often by using Elite Utilities Windows Cleaner you will be able to remove unwanted junk files in a matter of seconds. Remove multiple copies of files - Having Multiple files the same can waste your hard disk space, With Elite Utilities Windows Cleaner you won't have to worry about searching for the files because we have came out with a solution that can remove duplicate files from your system in a matter of minutes. Protect your Privacy - Protecting your privacy while your online is a very important procedure, any user that uses the internet should have a Privacy Cleaner. Elite Utilities has designed a small but a very powerful Privacy Cleaner that cleans out all of your internet cookies, internet temporary files. Increase System Lifetime - As you might of noticed this but every time you make a fresh Install of Windows XP your system runs fast and stable for few weeks and then the performance will start dropping down, well this is because most users doesn't clean junk files from their system, remove invalid data from the registry. At Elite Utilities we have decided to a small utility package that can allow any user to use. As soon as you Install Elite Utilities Windows Cleaner all of the junk files will be removed, duplicate files will be removed, your privacy will be protected.


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