Seagate HDD Repairer (For Barracuda 7200.7)

System Maintenance and Repair Utilities


* Simple-to-use data recovery from * Simple repair and data recovery process: * Sector Repairer - Enables you to add Seagate bad sectors into P-List directly with a surprising processing speed. * Factory level repair - SELFSCAN, terminator of bad sector issue! * HDD defective sector repair, make you a professional remanufacturer of Seagate drives; make big money from used drives! * Powerful and easy in fixing HDD typical firmware malfunction: Just one click and your data and drive comes back. NO extra firmware backup needed, so you NEED NOT to find any firmware (80% of corrupt Seagate drives are caused by typical malfunction).* Fast read/write HDD firmware (less than 15 minutes for total read/write): Enables you to download the full set of firmware from one drive and use it to upload to another drive to fix corrupt drives* * Unlock HDD password protection: You/your client locks the drive for security but forget the password? Relax, our Seagate tool can remove all passwords in a flash! * Change drive serial number and reserved IDs, DIY your own drive.


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