Text Log Monitor

System Maintenance and Repair Utilities


Text Log Monitor (TLM) provides Systems Administrators the ability to monitor and filter local or remote text log files as well as alert all in real-time. TLM also enables users to view and filter extremely large text files from within a Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI). Filters can be applied in much the same way tools like Cygwin’s GREP utility provides. Both simple filters and complex Regular Expression filters are supported. Filtered results can be viewed or alerts can be configured to fire automatically when new messages are appended to log files. Files are monitored using operating system calls enabling the software to immediately notify Systems Administrators when specific messages are appended or when file contents change. Text Log Monitor installs a Windows Service that enables automatic file monitoring and alerting. The Windows Service does not require system administrators to be logged into the system. Actions include: Detailed email, PDA friendly email, Saving messages to SQL Server, Syslogging, Appending messages to a CSV or TXT file. No longer do you need to install tools like Cygwin that are not designed around Windows Systems Administrators. With Text Log Monitor, you can load huge files into the GUI and page though each file in much the same fashion as Cygwin’s MORE and LESS utilities provide. When filters are applied, Cygwin’s GREP functionality is replaced enabling uses to easily parse text files from a Windows GUI program. And unlink GREP, filters can be saved for easy access next time they are needed. Lastly, when viewing the last page of log entries, TLM automatically tails the log file displaying contents as they are written to the file.


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