Hunter Sub for Palm(Sale! $8.00 only)

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Hunter Sub(Sale! 8.00 only) An arcade style of game. Is one of those games that will help you take your mind of your work for a while. A very good stimulator. A fun game whether at home, office or during travel. Features: This is a game where your the destroyer who hunts down the submariner. Depth charge them before they can release there torpedoes! - support supports up to 40 GAME LEVELS. - Features a Save Game functionality. - Features a Load Game functionality. - You can start at the beginning or restart the game on the current level anytime you like. - Supports display of the last 9 high scorer of the game. - Supports for Customization on degree of difficulty. - Supports for customize game feature. - A Full featured hard key support. - Support for shortcut keys also. - Supports game level skipping. - Sound enabled. - Enhanced for PALMOS 5.x support. - Supports colored and non-colored devices. - Supports high resolution devices as well as non-high resolution devices. - A 160x160 and 320x320 screen. - Supports PALM Memory Cards: SD/CF memory card, Sony memory stick and other various VFS compatible devices. support supports up to 40 GAME LEVELS.


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