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Woman helps you organize yourself Knowledge is power. By frequently filing the important events from your personal life you automatically get valuable source for reference whenever you need it. Woman helps you plan your vacations Using the...



SIF allows users not only send faxes and emails but also send text messages (up to 160 symbols) on any mobile phone and voice messages on regular/mobile phones in North America (using services of external providers). You don't need a voice recorder,...

Piano Sight Read

Saied Nesbat

Piano Sight Read helps you practice sight reading your piano notes on your Palm. It displays a piano keyboard and a staff with notes on it, challenging you to tap on the correct keys. If you always wanted to play the piano, use this software...


Project Goth

Your mobile/cell phone is no longer just for making calls to local friends. Meet friends and make new ones, down the road & across the globe. Join mig33 mobile chat. FREE to join & chat on mobile chat rooms, MSN & Yahoo messenger. Improved...

Tennis Board PalmOs

Tennis board is made for easy real-time charting with umpiring add-on's. * Umpires: Palm board replaces your piece of paper and your stopwatch. * Coaches, parents: From aces tracking to strokes analysis, chart one or both players and change the...

Pippy - Python for the Palm

Jeff Collins, Michael Gorlick

The port, named Pippy, formed by appending the Python filename suffix ".PY" to the acronym PIP (Python In Palm), will reduce the effort of porting Python applications to small device platforms. Porting Python to the Palm allows developers to use a...



Manage your money anytime, anywhere. Connect to your online bank from your desktop computer or wireless handheld and download transactions directly into SplashMoney. Create budgets and then track and analyze your spending with customizable reports...


Hampton Software Limited

Do you want to save money on you cell phone bill? - Articulation may be for you. If you are near a WiFi or Bluetooth hotspot you can use your PDA to make telephone calls at a fraction of the price of a cell phone call. Articulation is an easy to...

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