Misc Calculators


QUICKMATH is packed with many features like : -Five categories to choose from. (Basic, Scientific, Advanced, Integral, Graph). -Choose from Built-in to customized functions. -Support for scrolling during long input computation. -Supports screen sideways-scrolling to see more results. -A complete quick reference help guide for all supported functionalities. -Various functionalities from mathematics, data management to financial management. -Numerous mathematical functionalities at your disposal. ( TRIGONOMETRICS, COMPLEX, EXPONENTIAL, COMBINATORICS, MATRICES, LIST FUNCTIONS & SOLVING FUNCTIONS.) -Customized functions or variables through data manager. -Graphical functionalities. Graph your XY coordinates. -Export and import functionalities of built in or customized variables/functions/ formulas. -Supports unlimited HISTORY-LIST data storage. -Support and managed your List, Matrix and Solver functionalities through there EDITORS. -Features an enhanced User-Friendly Interface. -Compatible with Palm OS 5.x.x -Supports colored and non-colored devices. -Supports high resolution devices as well as non-high resolution devices. -Also runs on Memory Cards: SD/CF memory card, Sony memory stick and other various VFS compatible devices. Plus free lifetime updates.


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