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Chess Quantum® for Palm is one of the world's highly accepted game for all ages. An addictive game whether you're on a trip, past time or for learning purposes. Play against your AI opponent or play it on your own. This product has it all. Whats new? - Features various chess board skins. (new!) - Features Normal/Full Screen View. (new!) - Support for UNDO functionality. - Support for REDO functionality. (new!) - Features a Chess taken/captured view. (new!) - Features a customized sound settings. (new!) - Features Game scoring. (new!) - Features chess moves history list. (new!) - Features a pause in-between games (new!) - Features a reset score board (new!) - Features Load Game functionality. - Features Save Game functionality. - Features ability to switch sides. - Features ability to switch opponent. - Support for Board Customization. (updated!) - Features a hint functionality. - Enhanced User Interface for better look and feel.(updated!) - Supports hi-resolution and low-resolution devices.(updated!) - Supports for colored and non-colored devices. - Enhanced for PalmOS 5.x.x - Runs on PalmOS 3.5 and up. - Supports PALM Memory Cards: SD/CF memory card, Sony memory stick and other various VFS compatible devices. - Allocates atleast 700KB of storage memory and 64KB of dynamic memory.


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