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Text Chat Clients
  • Developer: The Yellow Forest Services
  • Size: 3.16 MB
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This IRC program comes with useful toolbars with commonly used features such as 'Open', 'Cut', 'Copy', 'Paste'. Chat Toolbars of 'ASAP', 'ROTFL',etc. Emoticons Toolbar of including ':)', '8)', etc. It supports chatting simultaneously in different chat rooms or different servers. You can choose tochat in Host, Moderator or Special Guest just as in an auditorium. You can create multiple rooms of different topics and await for users to join in. You may set your own rules, warnings, and ban users who don't follow them. It supports loading of prepared text into a combo box for faster sending of text. It has a logging feature such that all words spoken in a chat room can be recorded. An innovative WindowsTaskbar-like buttons for navigation between opened windows more easily. Requires MS Internet Explorer andInternet Connection.

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