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This software is to support OneID, a new technologythat combines all your daily contact info (IDs/addresses) such as E-mail, World Wide Web Addresses, Telephone numbers, into ONEID!. It also includes support for ICQ Numbers, Yahoo!/MSN/AOL Messenger IDs, FTP Addresses, IRC NickNames, Home/Office Postal Address, Home/Office/Mobile Phone, Home/Office Fax and Pager Numbers. It shortens the current internet domain names, and email addresses to the way you choose it, in more than 30 lanugages including English/French/German/Italian/Chinese/Spanish/Dutch.It becomes relatively easy for your customers/clients/visitors to remember your email addresses, websites, phone numbers, ICQ numbers... You can even key in OneID at theaddress/location box in Netscape/IE/Opera and accesswebsites directly, without keying in long URLs. Security features include blocking crank calls,spam emails, unsolicited mails.

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