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Joe Galaxy® since 1998, 7 years strong. Joe Galaxy® 2005.b1 is about liberty, real-info, collaboration and the regular "Joe/Jane" awareness. Inside you'll find the real-info not provided by the mainstream matrix. You can enjoy many integrated features, including peer-to-peer file sharing, peer-to-peer messaging, a personal jG member (buddy) list, free Web-based e-mail, and innovative Webcasts. Our various content Galaxies(coming soon..) make available specialized and focused quality info sharing. With jG you are not just a consumer, but also a producer. What do you know? What do you believe? What do you stand for? Share and collaborate with Joe Galaxy® 2005.b1. We don't have emoticons, but we are a lot of fun. Benefits of Joe Galaxy®: Joe Galaxy® offers a secure communications environment. All communications are peer-to-peer, nothing goes through any servers. Joe Galaxy® also promotes collaborations on topics that are not generally discussed by the common media outlets. Additional information about Joe Galaxy®: This software serves the information. The information that is provided is more important than the software. We urge people to at least consider the information that is provided in our network.

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