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There are many programs that perform sending SMS messages on cellular phones and pagers, SMS-Sendor also differs from them a large number of functions and unique features. The program lets users create a list of frequently used phrases that significantly save time recruiting messages to the same program can send messages as translitom, and in Cyrillic script. Distinctive features: Free sending SMS No restrictions on the number of posts per day The possibility of group (mass) sending sms Automatic recoding, if necessary, translit The ability to use their own templates Multilanguage interface Control over the length recruited message Automatic razrezka long sms Set text, as in Latin, and in Cyrillic Privacy sending messages Amount of time spent, to send an SMS, very few Address Book Imports from the program settings TheBat! Working with proxy Sending ringtones, pictures, games on the phone without cords, infrared ports, etc. Workaround SPAM filters Automatic checking updates There is no need to introduce code from the picture

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