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With PE-CD, You can make the album CD-R/CD-RW of the photograph/the image data under Wndows95,98,ME,NT4.0,2000,XP. Its CD-R/CD-RW can be started automatically under Wndows95,98,ME,NT4.0,2000,XP. With its CD-R/CD-RW, the user can watch ( on viewer, exhibit in folder ) , convert , rename , copy , move files and folders, etc . It is compatible with image formats such as JPEG,EXIF,JPEG2000(JP2,J2K,JPC),PNG,TIFF,PCD,PCX,PSD, PIX,RAS,BMP,AVI,ANI,ICO,CUR,TGA,XBM,XPM,MPG,WMF,PICT,EXE,DLL. PE-CD has the two executive mode of the "PE-CD mode" that it is excuted as a CD-R/CD-RW automatic start edition by CD-R/CD-RW enclosing, and the "PE-CD (MAKE) mode" that it is excuted as a PE-CD enclosing Virtual CDR preparation edition. English and Japanese Windows Environment compatible. Make the most of this ability, and distribute/sale/manage large quantity data by the CD-R/CD-RW such as a photograph collection, an image collection.


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