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MailMagic Universal Mail Processor v.1.0. Get rid of all those unwanted emails you get every day. And also of those dangerous trying to introduce you malicious programs and hoaxes. MailMagic is the most comprehensive EMail Addon you will ever find on the Net: - Mail Notifier - Spam Blocker with: Delete Auto-Flameback to spammers Incremental Bounceback to spammers - TALKING EMail - Full Mailing List Manager with Un/Subscribe support - Talking Clock - Talking Help - Checks Unlimited Number Of POP3 Accounts - Multiple SKINS - Multilanguage Speech: currently English, German, Italian - ...and a lot more to come... This software offers the value of usually 3 or more separate software packages in one. And it runs inobstrusive in the system tray. Check it out now!


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