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100% customizable contact manager. Unlimited phone numbers and addresses per contact. Each address & phone is named by you. Store emails, www, files, pictures with address and open their application with a click. Import your Contacts from Outlook! Copy addresses & phone numbers to the clipboard in many formats (letterhead etc) to insert them in word, etc. Print sorted by name, country, category. Formats automatically all international addressing formats and has multi-language titles for each address. Can store remarks with each address and person. Can handle multiple seperate directories. Easy 'see all at one look' windows-explorer-like interface that Auto-sizes to your screen. Drag & drop, Filter by 1st letter or catogry and country combined. Fax numbers can be linked directly to Winfax Pro or other applications that support ODBC. ** ATTENTION ** This version includes a runtime-version of Access 97. if you do have Access, just download a smaller version from the a-head Webpage.


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