Cache and Cookie Washer for Opera

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Cache & Cookie Washer for Opera is a very useful program for cleaning up tracks that you leave behind when using Opera's browser. Many people do not realize that Opera stores information about what they have done on the Internet and what websites they have visited. Opera even allows web sites to store cookies, which are files that may possibly contain personal information about the user. As a result, anyone else can see what you have been doing on the Internet with Opera, which raises several privacy concerns. Furthermore, much of your Opera activity information takes up valuable disk space. Recovering this space can be very beneficial. Cleaning up the history of your activities from Opera can be a tedious chore of manually removing each history file or entry. If privacy and disk space are to be maintained, cleaning these tracks must be done every time you are finished using Opera. Cache & Cookie Washer automates this process for you! It will automatically run in the background and clean up whatever tracks you want removed, whenever you want.

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