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eGrabber DupChecker is a tool that uses advanced fuzzy logic technology to quickly identify hard-to-find duplicates in your ACT! database. DupChecker automatically scans, identifies and groups duplicates for easy merging and de-duping. Features 1. Robust Duplicate Checking - Uses Fuzzy Logic Technology to quickly identify duplicates created through errors in data-entry, data-import and other variations such as * Typo Errors (Bevan Wistar = Bvean Wystar) * Pronunciation Errors(Sheryl = Cheryl) * Abbreviation (HP = Hewlett Packard) * Common nicknames (Bob = Robert) * Match name with email ID (William Smith = * Company ending variations(Inc, Corp...) * Street ending variation(Dr, Drive) * Formatting and punctuation errors * Field swap errors (Will - xyz corp = xyz corp - Will) * Also recognizes same phone, regions, same location, state abbrev and many more 2. Merges all duplicates at one click - Merges notes, histories, activities, opportunities and all other details in ACT! 3. Retains history of all changes made to the merged record. 4. Two plus merging - Merges multiple matches into one record Benefits 1. Maintains integrity of your database - Aggregates information lost across (notes, opportunities etc.,) duplicate contacts into one contact. 2. Preserves your company credibility - Avoid duplicated emails, postages or calls to customers or prospects, which would put your company creditibility at stake. 3. Saves time and money - Your sales team will not waste time calling duplicate contacts and you will cut down promotional cost spent for duplicate contacts. Works with ACT! 2008/2007/2006( /

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