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AddressGrabber eliminates the need for manual address data entry. The program helps you quickly import name and address details from any email, web site or order form into your application. All it takes is just One Click. To capture a contact information, all you need to do is highlight the contact details and click on AddressGrabber Toolbar. The contact details get quickly and accurately captured in your application. AddressGrabber works great with ACT!, Outlook, Maximizer, GoldMine, QuickBooks, Peachtree, FedEx, UPS,, DAZzle, Online Web Forms and many more. Thus it serves as a complete data entry solution for small and medium business professionals and entrepreneurs. The program is packed with powerful features that can save you huge amout of time and money, which you can utilize to concentrate on networking with your clients and vendors. Some of the most popular features include: 1. One Click contact entry: Capture contact information into your application quicker than ever before. 2. Automatic duplicate check: The program identifies and eliminates un-necessary redundant data, providing you with a neat and clean database 3. Web Form Capture: SOHO Professionals and Entrepreneurs can now capture web form responses coming through emails, quicker and easier tan ever before 4. Support for User Defined Fields: Looking to capture more than just basic contact information? AddressGrabber Business supports upto 15 User Defined Fields 5. Address Verification: AddressGrabber enables you to verify the validity of the address extracted against the USPS database, before transferring it to the database 6. Automatically attach Notes, Activities: AddressGrabber business also allows you to transfer the address into Notes field of the contact managers supported. You could also attach an activity with each address being transferred. Now you can spend less time on address data entry and more time on building your business!

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