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ResumeGrabber Pro is a resume parsing software that extracts resumes and candidate contact information from search results obtained on any search engine or job board and transfers them into a grid/ table. The grid allows you to use custom keywords (educational qualifications, skill set, experience, location, etc) to sort and search for prospective candidates. This recruiting tool will then shortlist the resumes based on keywords to provide you with a list of resumes that match your requirements. The internet is a source of millions of resumes. Search engines such as Google & Yahoo, Job Boards such as Monster & Dice, etc are used by recruiters to source potential candidates. The ability of a recruiter to quickly screen resumes for prospective candidates distinguishes him/ her from other recruiters. Manually screening resumes can take up most of your time. ResumeGrabber, a popular HR software, automates this process and saves nearly 90% of the time you might spend in processing resumes and entering them into your database or resume management system. Features: - Send presonalized emails to candidates with a single click - Save and automatically transfer resumes to your contact manager/ database management system - Extract and shotlist resumes in your existing database, email folders, email attachments, PC folders, etc - Simple and easy to use user interface Benefits: - Improves conversion ratio and thereby your productivity - Saves time and money - Gives an edge over competition

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