WebAsyst Project Manager

Project Management


WebAsyst Project Manager is a web based software tool which allows you to manage customer, project and task lists online. You can create multiple projects for every customer, defining the scope of work for each project and assigning personnel. With WebAsyst Project Manager you can: - Store project information in a centralized and secure place online; - Outline scope of tasks, manage assignments and project costs; - View and track project progress using Gantt Chart diagrams; - Identify potential problem areas upfront, using the color-coded task bars; - View multiple project statistics reports on one page; - Collaboratively access project information; completely control individual or group access, assign full or partial rights; - and many more... see the full list at: http://www.webasyst.net/project-management.htm Project Manager is accessible anytime from anywhere via standard Internet browser or Windows Client. WebAsyst Windows Client is seamlessly integrated with the Windows environment.


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