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WebAsyst Document Depot is an online document management tool that allows you to store and share all kinds of files on the Internet. Practical applications of this software are almost infinite, ranging from regular corporate document storage to real estate listings to online education - limited only by your needs and imagination. Some of the most sought-after features are: - Organize folders and files; - Upload and download files; - Easily embed file repository into your website; - Upload ZIP archive and automatically uncompress files; - Compress files and download or save; - Email files as attachment; - Display file list in different formats; - Copy/Move/Delete folders and files; - Search files by name or description; - Share folders with other users; - Control usage of storage space by User Quotas; - File Check In/Check Out and Version Control; - File Version History; - Email notifications; - Reports; - and many more... see the full list at: http://www.webasyst.net/document-depot.htm Document Depot is accessible anytime from anywhere via standard Internet browser or Windows Client. WebAsyst Windows Client is seamlessly integrated with the Windows environment.


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