Visual S25/S35/C35/M35/SL45/S45/ME45/C45

Misc Phone Tools


This is a management software for Siemens mobile phones. Supported models are: S25, 35i and 45 series. This software supports serial cable and IrDA data connection to the PC. Main features - Phonebook and calendar management: print, import/export, synchronization with Outlook2000, backup - SMS Management: disk archive, print, flash SMS, long SMS, distribution lists - Ringtones management (midi format) - Logo management (bmp and gif format) - Call forwarding management - Barrings management - PIN SIM, phone code, key-lock - Phone status and information: firmware version, IMEI code, power supply, clock, ... - Network management: status, signal, cell informations, manual selection - Records management: received, missed and dialled calls

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