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Softswitch & Adore Billing: a. IVR b. Caller ID & Card Number and SIP/IAX2 Friend authentication c. Customize the IVR rapidly, chose to play Balance, Time to call, Intro prompt, etc.. d.. Recording of all calls e. Speed-dial f. Free VoIP calls between application users g. Support simultaneous or single access on same card h.. Support call at Zero-Cost & Negative cost i.. Auto creation card option for new callerID j.. Top-up account via IVR menu. k.. Advanced Card and Customer management : Creation ; Edit ; Search engine ; batch update ; CallerID handling ; Refill Cards. l.. Define : post-pay/prepay ; Language ; Currency ; Expiry ; VAT ; Recurring Service, User Data, etc... m.. SIP / IAX Friends + ARA support n.. Reporting statistics: CDR ; Maximum Concurrent calls ; Graphing ; Profit Margin analysis o.. LCR(Least cost routing) & LCD (Least Cost Dialling) management p.. Billing Increment: Progressively different rates through the call Scheduled Rates (days/hours of the weeks - PEAK & OFF-PEAK) Expiry of rates; q.. Import Rate Cards r.. Rate-card Simulator s.. Trunk/voip-provider management t.. Failover Trunks u.. Batch update for rates v.. Subscription services w.. Callback Rating x.. DID SALES y.. Manage your DIDs and sell them to your customer for monthly usage. Customer can reserve DIDs for themselves and configure a Follow-me to redirect the calls over the PSTN by VoIP. z.. Monthly & daily reporting aa.. Earnings calculation and markup/margin on report ab.. Monthly traffic reports (pie chart) ac.. Daily load ad.. Compare call-load with previous days ae.. Criteria definition for reporting af.. Export report to PDF & CSV ag.. Generate invoices to PDF format ah.. Email invoices to customers Automatically CallBack and Callingcard: · Web based, DID & CID based Call Back · Calling Card PIN based


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