RaptiveX RapEngine ActiveX Instant Messaging OCX

Network and Internet
Conferencing and Collaboration Tools


The RaptiveX Instant Messaging Component is a standardActiveX COM Object that you can use to Rap-Enable your next application. The RapEngine provides a full featured Instant Messaging Client with Pop-Up messaging, contact list presence indication online/offline/away, etc.) and a slew of other useful features including many Properties, Methods and Events that are exposed to the Developer to allow integration into a wide variety of applications that requirebringing People, Presence and IP Addresses together; like, IP phones, multi-player games and other community based programs. The RapEngine also has many appearance properties to allow seamless visual integration with your application's GUI. A simple Rap-App can be constructed with just 3 lines of code. Three (3)sample VB6 projects are included.

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