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OmniFolders is a workgroup collaboration tool with Explorer-like access to documents and media files spread across PCs on the local network and internet. It allows you to work with files as if they were all local, merging them under a consolidated folder tree. OmniFolders gives you access to the most up-to-date documents available, no matter where the file is it. Also allows you to organize workflow with documents and folders, just as in the real life. OmniFolders is not only perfect for workgroups. Sharing media files with friends and relatives is now easy. OmniFolders allows one-step photo album sharing. No image pre-processing. No time-consuming uploads. No server limits. Thumbnail and Filmstrip browsing modes with automatic resolution adjustment optimize your access. Also, with its exclusive MP3 real-time streaming, OmniFolders allows playing remote MP3 songs without wasting lots of disk space and time. FEATURES * Browse a common tree for distributed files and documents. * Direct access to most current version of a document. * Access all current versions of the document, no matter where the original file resides. * Peer-to-peer scheme for accessing files. * Multiple server scheme for directory services. * Transparent directory replication. * Smart file download. * Coded identification of the files computer source. * User defined attributes for folders and files with filtering. * Built-in MP3 real-time streaming server, compatible with most popular media players. * Thumbnail preview mode for quick image browsing. * FilmStrip preview mode for screen-resolution image preview. * Data replication. With OmniFolders your valuable information is always just at a click of distance.


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