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Unite PBX and Unite Call Center are 100% software based (VOIP) PBX solutions based on Skype VOIP. Unite PBX for Skype provides all features you expect in a commercial grade enterprise PBX system. If you are looking for improving business communications and at the same time keeping the costs low then Unite PBX is the best choice for you. It is built on top of Skype which is proven to be best choice for VoIP-based communication with free Skype-to-Skype calls and attractive low calling rates to landlines and cell phones around the world. Unite PBX application replaces the cumbersome implementation and up gradation of the hardware and software that is generally needed in the traditional PBX systems. Features and benefits of Unite PBX for Skype: 100% Software based Powered by Skype Auto-Attendant Welcome Greeting Multiline/Line Ganging Support Direct Extension Dialing Virtual Extensions with Location Independence Voicemail Extensions Advanced Voicemail Features Advanced Call Conferencing Call Recording and Quality Monitoring


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