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The EM-1 Editor is a Pattern Editor and Manager for the Korg Electribe EM-1 Groovebox. It comes with a full Step Sequencer emulation, a Motion Sequence Editor, Piano Roll Editor, Pattern Matrix etc. New in 2.00: Fader Automatization added, Tutorials added, Piano Roll Editor enhanced etc... The all-in-one overview for all steps of a pattern makes it very easy keeping track of what's going on in your sequences. Fast access to all Pattern Steps and Parameters of all Parts. Name & Style handling for Patterns integrated. Main features: Step Sequencer - Full emulation of the EM-1 Step Sequencer engine - Start, Stop, Swing, Mute/Un-Mute, Solo/Un-Solo etc... Pattern Editor: - Load Pattern - Save Pattern - Import/Export SysEx (.syx) Pattern - Rotate Steps (left/right) - Random Steps - Reset Pattern Edits etc... Motion Sequence Editor: - Motion Templates (redefineable by user) - Copy Motion - Paste Motion - Create Random Motion - Free hand drawing, interpolate drawing, shift drawing - Repeat Copy of Motion parts to easily create regular Motion pattern Curves - Smooth Motion Curve - Invert Motion Curve - Revert Motion Curve - Reset Motion Edits - Load Motion - Save Motion - Easy to change Motion destination Part Editor: - Copy Part - Paste Part - Load Part - Save Part - Reset of a Knob or Fader value on a right mouse click Piano Roll Editor: - Easy to set Pitch & Length of Synth Part Steps Pattern Manager: - Open Set (all 4 Pattern Banks in a single file) - Save Set - Open Bank - Save Bank - Import/Export SysEx (.syx) Bank - Receive Bank / all Banks - Transmit Bank / all Banks - Initialize Bank - Rename Pattern - Style Pattern handling Pattern Matrix: - Provides easy Pattern selection And much more minor features...


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