FasType Typing Tutorial

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Be more productive, learn to type on your PC. FasType is an excellent typing tutorial for computer novices and enthusiasts who want to improve their PC typing skills. Whether you're a beginner, a hunt 'n peck typist, or an experienced typist who needs to refresh your skills, FasType can help. FasType teaches you to touch-type without looking at the keyboard. The program features an animated on-screen keyboard display which helps you avoid looking directly at the real keyboard while you're learning to type. This helps you to form spatial relationships between the real keyboard and finger placement. Intermediate and advanced typists can use FasType to increase typing speed and improve accuracy. There are a variety of self-paced drills and exercises for each of the three skill levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Other features include: FreeStyle Typing mode that emulates a word processor and lets you type anything you want; FreeStyle Edit Mode that turns FreeStyle Typing into a text editor for you to create your own typing practice files; timed exercises for all typing exercises (including FreeStyle Typing); keyboard helpers (hidden keys, metronome, outline home keys, left-hand/right-hand typing, etc). Features for the sight-impaired include the ability to change text font style, size and color. Inexpensive school network and corporate training center Multi-User licenses are available.


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