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With typeSmart you can learn to type in just 6 hours using the Direct Reach eText Method , halving the time using the traditional method. Basic Key-Finger Group skills can be learned in 60-90 minutes. The enjoyable, faster, safer software, typeSmart is the only ergonomically designed typing tutor software for the keyboard, rather than the typewriter. Increase your personal productivity and creativity, using the eText Accelerated Learning method for the keyboard. A breakthrough typing tutor, ideal for executives, professionals, admin staff and students. Why typeSmart? Because learning to type using the eText Method is fast and satisfying ... - No nonsense drills. - ALL sessions are based on frequently used real words and syllables. - Assesses your current skill levels - Plot your learning path to develop specific skills - Watch your confidence level group - typeSmart's trial and success strategy keeps you motivated. Assess your potential risk of injury - Protect your health by learning about the risks of poor posture and habits. - Progress easily from syllables and words to phrases and sentences. See your progress instantly - Follow your progress with the Benchmark feature. Use typeSmart's euphonic feedback and total positive reinforcement to fast-track your skills A comparison of typing tutor software shows that typeSmart is clearly superior. Research indicates that 75% of business computer users who had tried the old fashioned typing tutor software were quite dissatified with these products. See examples of feedback from thousands of satisfied users on our website: http://www.type-smart/feedback.html The eText Method The eText Method, used by typeSmart, is based on direct reaching to the Key-Finger Groups of the keyboard used by expert typists, not the traditional and outdated Home Keys Method. It is an innovative method designed and tested by psychologists, trainers and consultants.


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