PDAGraphiX for Pocket PC

Misc Financial Tools


Are you tired of copy/paste operations? Is the PC the only way to make spreadsheet graphics? PDAGraphiX does it for you. <br><br> <B>Main Features</B> <br> <ul><li>The fastest graphic tool in the market (less taps and processor time) <li>True landscape mode <li>Helpful drag and drop window for information related to (data sheet, series and categories labels, series and categories statistics, graphic configuration) <li>Great zoom levels <li>Pie graphics with multiple series <li>Different background options for better view <li>Tooltips (names, values, categories, and more) <li>Spreadsheet changes are immediately reflected in the graphic <li>100% compatible with Microsoft Pocket Excel <li>As easy as a single tap you can edit graphic titles (names, description, axis, etc) <li>Real 3D graphics <li>Drag and drop scale settings (You get to see it!) <li>Full screen mode <li>All graphics definitions are saved in the spreadsheet <li>Make as many graphics as you want for each spreadsheet <li>Really plug and play graphic tool. Just turn on the Pocket PC, open Pocket Excel, and you get the best spreadsheet graphic application in the market <li>Quick access icons <li>FREE!!! support 7x24x365 <li>Many languages coming soon </ul>


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