PDAPacXtreme for Pocket PC

3D Action Games


PDAPacXtreme Version 1.0 is a suite of products which contains the following programs: <ul> <li>PacXtreme Game : Game <li>PacXtreme Designer: Package’s World Designer (PC Software) <li>PacXtreme Register: Software register (PC Software) </ul> Are you ready to experiment the most eXtreme version of classic PacMan game? Do it right now!!!! <b>PacXtreme</b> is an entertained and exciting game with a beautiful display and sounds. In addition you will get a great tool <b>(PacXtreme Designer)</b> to design your own Worlds which could be <a target=blank href=http://www.pdaadvanced.com/XtremeMain.asp>shared via Internet.</a> <b>PocketPC 2003 supported!!</b> <BR><BR><BR> <b><H4>Main features:</H4></b> <b>PacXtreme Game</b> <ul> <li>Great display <li>Complete display scroll <li>User friendly interface <li>Smooth motion <li>Nice sounds <li>Traps <li>Flames, electricity <li>Doors and key. <li>Different Backgrounds <li>A lot of wall tiles <li>Transportation holes <li>Stairs <li>TopTen High Scores <li>Extensive number of Worlds to play <li>Difficulty level <li>Direction key <li>Player name <li>Speed (Fast, Medium, Slow) <li>Package and World (level) selection <li>Cookies counter <li>Key counter </ul> <b>PacXtreme Designer</b> <br> PDAPacXtreme Designer is a drawing tool used to create <b>World Packages</b> to be used by PDAPacXtreme game on your PocketPC. The PDAPacXtreme Designer Workshop has almost the same Paint Microsoft® program components. <br> <br> <IMG ID="DisenaAnima" HEIGHT=235 WIDTH=300 SRC="http://www.pdaadvanced.com/assets/images/DisenaAnim.gif"> <br> <ul> <li>Possibility to create your own Worlds <li><a target=blank href=http://www.pdaadvanced.com/XtremeMain.asp>Share your Worlds (Via Internet)</a> <li>User friendly interface <li>Huge tiles to use <li>Many sounds available <li>Clear help information </ul>


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