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My Checkbook is the simplest checkbook software that you will find. With its simple user interface you will be tracking your checkbook transactions like a pro in no time. Checkbook balancing becomes a snap and you will love the built in checkbook calculator that automatically keeps track of your checkbook balance for you! The real benefit is keeping your balance up to date and knowing the true balance of your account. Since the bank doesn't know when you have written a check or withdrawn money immediately, you need to keep your records up to date. Don't let outstanding checks or ATM/Debit transactions fool your bank's balance and cost you overdraft fees. Your plain paper register doesn't have the built in checkbook calculator like My Checkbook does and can't keep a running balance of your daily transactions. How does it work? This program keeps track of what you really have spent after you enter your transactions each day. Each day simply enter your checking transactions in the computer check register and the My Checkbook calculator will automatically update the balance so you know exactly how much you have. Then when checkbook balancing time comes all you have to do is compare the records from your bank statement with the ones entered in My Checkbook. Since the checkbook calculator kept an accurate balance as you entered the transactions you will never need to spend time re-checking your addition! Do you want to search transactions or keep files secure, then you need a high-powered checkbook calculator like My Checkbook! Need more power and flexibility to manage your finances? My Checkbook Standard gives you just that. Search transactions, print reports, even password protect your files. Now the new features won't make this program any harder to use or any more confusing. What it will do is give you the power to keep your checkbook on track and make checkbook balancing easier than ever!

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