HouseHold Accounting for Windows



HouseHold Accounting for Windows is an income and expense tracking program designed for home users. It does bookkeeping for your household bank and credit card accounts. The program has many functions ncluding: Tracks Account Balances, Transfers between Accounts, Accommodates up to 99 Bank or Credit Card Accounts, Expense and Income Tracking, Backup Utilities, Import and Export of Data, Entry Archiving, Multiple Reports, check Writing, Reminder Functions, Security, Internet Bookmarks, Live Update, Send database by Email, Help Tips, Online Help and more. HouseHold Accounting produces reports which analyzes income, expenditure and details of projected bank and credit card balances. May suit a home-based business. Use HouseHold Accounting to forecast your income and expenditure, improve your financial planning and control and, ultimately, save yourself money.

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