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Welcome to Simply Journal. Finally, an application made the way you always hoped! Now you can quickly and easily keep your thoughts on your desktop. Simply Journal makes it easy to write and save your notes, messages, poetry, song lyrics, and daily diary. You can write anything and keep it any way you want. You'll love to Simply Journal. Organize your thoughts - Simply Journal helps you to organize your daily notes in a safe place. Everyday you can start with a fresh page, adding in the details that make up your life.Your moods, your styles - Express your feelings in an exciting way. Styles help reflect how you were feeling when you wrote it, which can be very fun when you reflect. The stories of your life - Everything will stay in perspective when you keep your stories straight. Create a personal book for any part of your life you want to keep together.Every thought can be saved - Whether you are keeping a daily diary, notes from business meetings, or special poems you want to save, Simply Journal will help you keep it all together. We'll help you remember - You can search through your thoughts like never before. Just enter a word or phrase and click "Search." If you prefer, you can just look at a list of your entries for the month and find the one that you want to read. Get started right away! Download Simply Journal right now and give it a try. You can make your purchase online and get your activation code sent to you by email! You'll be glad you did.

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