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The MovieSlave is a very simple cross-platform (Windows, Linux) movie manager. It can automatically fetch movie details (plot, tagline, rate, year...

My Digital Movies

Johan Johansson

My Digital Movies focuses on organizing your movies regardless if it is old 8-mil, vhs, dvd, divx etc... Cataloging your movies is done in a snap...

If you've ever wanted to start your own business on the web, Insider Profits: The TRUTH about Online Sales will get you started, immediately!...

KnowMetrics (online testing software) is the ideal tool for teachers, trainers, educators, webmasters looking for a quick and simple way to put their...

DVD Movie Cloner

Michael Emerson

DVD Movie Cloner is a powerful DVD copy software, an all-in-one DVD Copying tools which make high quality backup copies of your favorite DVD movies...

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Performance Diet Pro 2001

HealthKeeper Inc.

For diet, weight loss, nutrition, performance, & health. It provides complete diet, nutrition graphs your nutritional or exercise progress with...

A Bio-Technology experiment has gone terribly wrong,and the island on which it was conducted is now ruledby killer wasps. Defend yourself from the...

Connection Logger

Mikael Sundfors

A utility you can use to keep track of your time connected to the Internet. It offers a convenient method to fully document your online time and...

NetBudget 2000

The Useful Software Company

Simple to use, attractive & fully automated internet online timer for windows 95/98.Comprehensive logging display and fully AOL friendly. (Will...


R.M. de Boer Software


R.M. de Boer Software

professionals! axPropVisualize programs settings like professionals! axProp allows full control over the appearance. Border styles, headers, background and...

UnixDos Toolkit for Windows

B. Eichberger/PSS


Burkhard Eichberger



Tired of promoting your pages one URL at a time? Getdumped! Announcing dumpTRUCK! the batch URL submissiontool. New software that lets you submit up...


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