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UnixDos Toolkit makes the full power of 65 main UNIX® utilities available under any DOS and Windows Environment. It allows you to do powerful tasks directly from the command line or batch files. In addition it provides 28 usefull utilities beside the regular UNIX® set of programs. UnixDos contains many improvements over the standard UNIX® and offers also a much more powerfull argument expansion than UNIX® or DOS. UnixDos contains a full 250 page Online Help with many examples. The following utilities are available: Process Control: at, ps, kill, wait_end Program Development: cc/cc1/cc3, mak2mk, m4 Move/delete/change files and directories: (u)cd, chmod, cp, cpio, mkdir, mv, mvdir, rm, touch Display/search the contents of files: bgrep, bvi, cat, egrep, fgrep, file, grep, head, nl, umore, od, pr, tail, tee, strings Manipulate file contents (analyze, convert, count, edit, extract, sort, split ...): af, b64, bed, bsplit, cut, dd, dio, dos2unix, getlines, io, m4, sed, (u)sort, split, sum, tr, unix2dos, uuencode, uudecode, wc List or find files and directories: basename, df, dirname, drvname, extname, filename, du, ls, mf, (u)find, pwd, slash, which Compare or merge files and directories: cf, cmp, cmpdir, comm, diff, join, paste, uniq, test User Interaction: line, inpbox, msgbox, usrchar, usrprmpt, txtbox Miscellaneous Functions: add, add_func, banner, bbanner, bell, cal, cc1, cc3, clear, conv, (u)date, (u)echo, env, exit, expr, mak2mk, sleep, (u)time, uptime, saveexit, setenv, show_exp

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