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Standard script host (wscript.exe) does not contain the possibilities for making GUI. You can add the new script host machine. You get the more power on accomodation of the code in text file with extensions .w_js and .w_vbs. Files with extensions .js and .vbs on former will be performed in wscript.exe. The new script host. It is not wscript.exe! It is the dialog window machine. The examples of the programs, using our possibilities (The main purpose new program - a creation the dialog window. ): Change the sizes dialogue window What close the dialogue window? What add the line a menu? Main: What add the field of the entering to information (Text, TextArea, ListBox, ComboBox etc.)? Objects of the file system Common interface: Open File, Save To Dile, Browse Dir Graphic operators and conclusion of the text in client of the area window Work with clipboard Media: Play sound file Optional: The timer interface (window message WM_TIMER) Optional: The keyboard interface (window message WM_CHAR) Optional: The mouse interface


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