Air Hockey and Air Soccer for Smartphone

Sports Games


Version 1.1 Feature List: 1. Player that first reaches 7 scores wins the game. 2. 2 types of manipulation: tapping the screen or using keypad 3 types of games: Classic, Arcade , Championship In classic game mode you can choose country and opponent country. In Arcade mode country is random and play till 11 scores or 8 minutes. In Championship mode there's table of 8 players to play in play-off mode. There're 3 types Bronze, Silver and Gold championship. Supported modes: PocketPC 240x320 PocketPC 320x240 PocketPC 320x240 PocketPC 480x640 PocketPC 640x480 Smartphone 320x240 Smartphone 640x480 Supported Systems: Windows Mobile 5.0 Windows Mobile 6.0(6.1)

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