Performance Diet Pro 2001

Educational Tools


For diet, weight loss, nutrition, performance, & health. It provides complete diet, nutrition graphs your nutritional or exercise progress with detailed professional level reports. It has an automatic calorie balancer, which helps you reach your weight loss goals by telling you how many calorie debits or credits you have left. To help you stay on your program when you are away from your computer the Pro version can be updated by almost any device that connects to the Internet and, it even creates hard copy planners when your away from all computing devices. It tracks fat and carbohydrate grams, glycemic food ratings, prescriptions, medications, medical tests, herbs and vitamins. It even tracks water, coffee, tea intake, blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, blood glucose and insulin. It has a meal planner and quick-start built in meal plans. It compares different recipes and foods. It is a kitchen aide recording recipes, analyzing recipe nutritional content and creating shopping lists. It uses U. S. and Metric measurements and comes with a 10, 000-food database. For personal, family or professional use and, it can even boost the results of other popular diet or health programs. The Performance Diet Pro is our easiest to use software with the most features. It is even recommended for new computer users! When you register you receive 5 full years of online diet access to the Performance Diet Online package of exercises and check sheets and support materials, 3 instructional diet eBooks and six MP3 motivation tapes.


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