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Didyma is a network documentation and monitoring tool. It contains a graphical interface to design and document your computer networks. The monitoring function is based upon ICMP (ping), TCP ports, SNMP objects, URL and SMTP testing. Features: Monitors the status of your network (Ping, TCP ports, SNMP objects, URL and SMTP). An Alarm may be raised if an event occurs, including mail notification. AutoDiscovery of the nodes in your network. Shows a graph of the turnaround times in your network. DNS names are automatically resolved to IP addresses. Easy interface to place, move and connect nodes and segments, with grid function. For documentation purposes text boxes can be included in the design. Each model may contain multiple drawings. Didyma runs a HTTP service, with a browser you can to connect to Didyma and view the layout and status of your network remotely. Name lookup for discovered nodes. Monitoring and alarm settings can be defined per node. Easily Telnet or FTP or ... to a selected node. A Service History of monitored ports, with totalized Up and Down times and event list. Documented logfile for (your own) reporting purposes. Reporting on up/down and turnaround times.

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