Learn Chinese Character



Learn to write chinese characters, commonly used components and make up rules. This book will give you the key to open the door to Chinese character. Languages in the world can be divided into two groups, phonographic and ideographic, and Chinese is a member of the latter group, which means that you may not know how to read a Chinese character but you can guess the meaning of the character according to how it is writtenDThis is quite different from EnglishCwhere you can pronounce a word based on its spelling. Thus in English language learningCall you need to do is to relate the spelling or pronunciation to its meaning. In contrastCwhen you are learning a new Chinese character; you should remember not only its shape and pronunciation but also how the meaning is related to the shape. Therefore, Chinese learning seems somewhat more difficult than English learning. But there are rules governing the make up of Chinese characters. Once you have mastered the rulesCthe task will be greatly reduced, and the more you learn, the easier it will become.


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