RHS Nibbles

Arcade Style Games
  • Developer: RHS Computer Science Department
  • Home page: rhsnibbles.com
  • License type: Free
  • Size: 14.53 MB
  • Download


In this RHS version of the classic game of Nibbles, you (the snake) have to move around the playing field while trying to eat the "food" that appears. For each piece of food that you eat, you earn points and your snake body gets longer. There are 20 game levels and 6 snake speeds. The faster you move, the more points you earn and the less food you have to eat to finish the level. If you run into any of the walls, obstacles, or your own snake body, the game ends. The higher game levels and the two-player mode contain other obstacles and interesting features that make the game more challenging. These include wraparound walls and corners, portals that transport the snake to different locations, moving food, moving obstacles, an auto-growing snake, hidden obstacles, disappearing food and obstacles, and food that turns into obstacles if not eaten quickly. Other features include sound effects and different music for each level, as well as both solid and dotted snake body types. The game also contains a feature that allows you to save your finished games to disk so that you can replay those games at a later time. The top ten player names, high scores, and game levels are saved in a high score list.

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