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Is it easy to find and remove duplicate files that are clones of files which exist on the disk? Yes, if to use innovative means from Moleskinsoft - Clone Remover. Clone Remover is a real innovative download duplicate finder and duplicate file eliminator. Where else can you find the program which would have such simultaneously easy operating mode, interactive and convenient interface, as well as a multipurpose mode? Clone Remover unites it all. Actually, it-s rather a small program consisting of several windows which alternately replace each other. Change of windows occurs strictly by a logic principle ' beginning from the program start and finishing duplicate files removal. We will consider these windows more in detail. -What do you want to do?- The window in which you can choose the mode of your further work in the program. As a rule, in this window they choose an option -Search for duplicate files-. It is clear ' eventually, search and removal of duplicates is a main objective and task of program Clone Remover. -What do you want to search?- In this window you should choose types of duplicate files you-re going to search. For example, mp3 duplicates or similar images. -Where you want to search?- In this window the user should choose a search directory. In the download duplicate finder there are such kinds of directories as folder, network disk, archive and i-Tunes. In the following window there is automatic search of duplicates which occurs without user-s participation. If you-ve noted some found duplicate files you will certainly get to the following window -What do you want to do with noted files?- Here the duplicate file eliminator will suggest to you to remove files (including to the Recycle Bin), as well as to move to a special folder or to copy. You choose. By the way, if you choose the variant -copy-, don-t forget to specify where exactly.

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