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Remote keystrokes logger software is cost effective, non-destructive and read only utility that facilitates users to record all typed keystrokes, login name, password, chat conversation and saved them into the encrypted or hidden log file with screenshot, title, time and date. Software runs in invisible mode in your computer background and creates the recorded reports in text file format and sent them to the predefined email address. Keyboard surveillance software is password protected application that prevents from unauthorized users and helps you to watch on your spouse, employees and child online/offline activities those are performed in your absence. PC parental control software is undetectable utility that runs in the background so it will not be listed in add/remove program, start menu and task manager. Kids internet protection utility can not be detect by any spyware, firewall or antivirus software when it will be in hidden mode. PC activity monitor tool provides reliable solution to all of those users who want to watch out all the activities like AIM, AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo messenger chat conversation, digits, special keys like ctrl, shift, alt, visited web pages, symbols that are performed in your computer or laptop in the absence of you. Software saved all recorded activities into the log file and captures periodic screenshots. Features: * Can be easily operated by both technical and non-technical users because of its user friendly GUI facility. * Compatible with all versions of windows operating system. * Runs in hidden mode so it will not be listed in task manager, add/remove program, start menu etc. * Saved all recorded activities into the encrypted log file and captures periodic screenshots. * Remote keystrokes logger software sends hidden log file into the stealth mode to user specified email address.

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