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If you are administrator and you want to identify unauthorized use of USB storage device activities in your local area network then try our USB data theft monitoring software for windows network that alerts you by playing sound when any storage media is being connect or removed from any system within domain. Data protection tool prevent transfer of your important or official data to any USB storage media. Pen drive surveillance application monitor USB activities of multiple computer system at same time and save complete hardware information such as manufacture company name, hardware ID, storage capacity with clients IP and machine name in log file. Software support all USB mass storage media like digital camera, memory card, pen drive, thumb drive, memory stick and other similar devices (not input devices such as USB keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner etc). User can enable or disable access permission (read or write) of any USB drive storage media within LAN. USB protection software keeps track all USB activities performed by user at client side and save connect / release date, time in txt or html file at user specified location. This anti-theft monitoring software is helpful in any professional organization, investigation, Lab etc. Software Features: * Monitor all USB storage drive activities in real time. * Works even if client machine is not connected with server. * Support all USB mass storage device including mp3 player, mp4 media players, iPods, memory card etc. * Software alert by playing sound when any USB is being connected or release. * Save every USB activities with file operation performed by user. * Provides Enable / Disable access permission of any storage media in domain. * Store data transfer information between USB device and client machine. * Monitor multiple computer system simultaneously within local area network. * Computable with all different Microsoft windows based operating system.


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